It’s Cheeseburger Season!!!

July 12, 2014

There are a lot of memorable times throughout the open water fishing season. We all have our favorite outings like the first Hendrickson hatch or when caddis season kicks in on the rivers and when the monster mayflies begin on our remote ponds inspiring big trout to make pigs of themselves right before your vary eyes.
Right now the mid-summer golden stone fly hatch is on. There are plenty of caddis still hatching and more to come but there comes a day when fish attempt to eat your strike indicator and not just one now and one then. When that happens you know the big summer stoneflies have made an appearance and it’s time to break out the big stuff like size 8 Stimulators, Tarantulas and Rogue Stones. They come in many different body configurations and colors but in a salmon’s brain they all mean stonefly, the cheeseburger of summer.
It started just the other day. Even though fish still feed heavily on whatever caddis around the sight of something big on the surface gets the interest of the biggest fish in the pool. And when they make the decision to grab one they come with conviction and don’t mess around. Be on your toes and get-em on the first take because they likely won’t be fooled a second time.
We often put whatever caddis that’s in season as a trailer about 2 feet behind a big Stimulator. Don’t forget to skip the flies around at the end of the drift to fool’em into believing they are trying to take to flight. Or maybe tie on a bead head as a trailer and use the big dry as a strike indicator they can actually sink their chompers into.
The small ponds have been electric with Drake hatches. Everyone’s been having a grand time and reporting some very impressive catches.
Oh, the conciliation price from the high water flow (650 cfs) on the Roach River after hurricane Arthur passed through last week is another run of salmon. The flow has been dropped back to 200 cfs and the fishing is again excellent. They’re taking everything from Grey Ghosts to beadhead caddis and stonefly nymphs.
Does it get any better.