Just a reminder

August 24, 2014

Nothing has really changed in the last week except a few maple leaves. It’s just a reminder that even though we probably still have a few summer days left the change to fall weather isn’t far away. There’s a branch here and there boasting bright foliage but the main event won’t be for a few weeks yet.
Fishing isn’t fast and furious but it is holding up nicely. There are nice fish to be had in all the rivers. You just need to cover as much water as you can reach. Treat the water like a checker board with 3′ X 3′ squares and get your fly on all those squares so if there is a fish looking for something to eat it’s going to see your fly. And if a fly isn’t working try something else.
If you are nymphing a good rule to follow from now on is “If in doubt go smaller.” The majority of aquatic insects have hatched and their live cycle has started again. The young mayfly nymphs are not very big. Flip a few rocks and have a look. It’s hard to find a nymph bigger that a #14 these days.
We should have the schedule for fall water releases before long. Shortly after Labor day the Roach River will see a good bump in flow that will fill the river with new fish. The Moose already has a good fall flow running as does the East Outlet.