Late season beauties!!

October 18, 2015

The leaves are now coming down, native brookies are insuring another generation is on it’s way, as salmon prepare for their chance to lay down reds before another moon phase comes and goes.
Fall spawning runs may have gotten off to a slow start but there’s going to be a very strong finish. The East Outlet crop of fall trout and salmon is in great shape. We are seeing see some fine fish. They are never in better shape or any heavier than during the late fall.
It may take 6 different flies to catch 6 different fish but those 6 fish are all beauties.
The talk amongst the guides is “ When you catch a fish on a fly just cut it off because you’ll probably not going to get another one to touch it.” It’s the M.O. of fall fish. They have seen a lot of flies and they don’t have their mind no just another meal..
Our best advice is “ If you’re fishing over known lies and they aren’t liking what you’re offering, Change it.”
Mother nature took her time painting the foliage to suit us. It was a great fall for the tomato patch but as always she didn’t let anyone down. What a display of colors.
We’ve already had a dusting of snow a time or two. Wind chill is again a factor but there is still some great fishing to be had.
The shop is now closed for the season. We want like to take this moment to thank all our wonderful customers for your continued support. You’re the reason the Maine Guide Fly Shop and Guide Services is still open. We could not have done it without you and we truly appreciate your continued business. THANK YOU!!
So you hear it from the horse’s mouth, “Our fly shop is not going to close. Our preseason orders have all been placed for next year and we’ll be open and hard at it come May.”
This will be our last Moosehead Region report for this season.
Our next report will be from the Gulf Coast south of Naples, Florida in the 10,000 Island Region, Rookery Bay Reserve, and Everglades National Park. We have plans to explore lots of new water this winter.

Our best to everyone and thank you so much for coming to us for all your fly fishing needs.

Penny (the brains behind the operation)
Dan, Ian, Chad, John & Wayne (the guides doing their best making lifetime memories on the water)