Let the games begin !!

May 6, 2015

The beautiful 70-80 degree weather over the last couple days destroyed what was left of the ice just about everywhere.
Smelt are running all over the place so the mouth of streams and rivers are the places to be. Folks taking advantage of this window of opportunity are boating their share of brookies, salmon and lake trout, all gathered for the feast. It’s sinking lines and big smelt patterns that get the job done.
Wild trout in the small ponds will be hunting dragon fly nymphs along sunny shorelines. They’re an easy meal for trout as they crawl along the bottom. Before long midges start hatching mid-day. A giveaway is a tell tail conversation in the shop. “There were trout feeding all over the pond and we couldn’t see any bugs.” If you decide to take off your woolly bugger and tie on a #20-24 Griffins Gnat retrieve it ever so slowly so you’ll feel the take and not spend most of your time trying to find your fly.
If you like to troll and have a passion for wild brookies the next two weeks are prime time for chasing big trout on Moosehead. The water is going to stay cold for a while, so smelt remain in the shallows and close to shore. Attach your favorite smelt pattern to at least 20’ of 8-10 lb. test leader material connected to a fast sinking fly line. Play out a nice long line then follow a contour where you can see bottom on one side of the boat and not on the other. When you get a fish or a strike make sure to circle around and make a couple more passes. You’ll likely find more feeding fish. If you’re not flirting with boulders you’re not in the zone. The shoreline of Sugar Island, Spencer Bay and Northeast Carry always give up brookies this time of season that are measured in pounds instead of inches.
Moosehead is still more than a foot from being full so there won’t be any high water issues in the East Outlet anytime soon. But there is still plenty of water flowing from the Moose River Drainage above Jackman so by this weekend water flow in the East Outlet should begin to creep up but remain at great wading levels. Indian Pond fish entering the rivers will have no problem chasing streamers.
Folks are catching their first fish of the season all over the region.
It’s only going to get better from here.
The shop is now open for the season. 7:00 am – 5:00 pm everyday except Sunday 9-5.
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May the fish gods look favorably upon us all. Good luck, Live Begins again.