May is going fast

May 20, 2015

Fishing is well underway and plenty of fish are coming to the nets.
If you’re a trout pond person you’re in for a good time. Even though major mayfly hatches haven’t kicked in just yet they are not far off. My guess is by the weekend trout will be lapping up the first of the Blue Dunn hatches. The good news is you likely won’t need to use your sinking line very much. Trout are already eagerly grabbing hornbergs and muddlers fished just beneath the surface. Retrieve’em slow and steady and watch for the boil. The next couple of weeks will be the very best our trout pond have to offer. Don’t forget your Ben’s if you’re heading for the woods.
Mayflies will start hatching right in the middle of the day and last all afternoon shutting down just in time to make happy hour.
Moosehead Lake itself is in the post smelt spawn mode when fish leave the mouth of the streams and spread about. Spencer Bay is already fishing well. Trolling tandem streamers can be great fun and the scenery couldn’t be better. The back side of Mt. Kineo and the north end of the lake around Northeast Carry are favorites because they annually fish well this time of season.
All you moving water fans should see favorable flows over the weekend. We’ve had days on the East Outlet when we couldn’t do anything wrong and all we needed was a #4-Grey Ghost. That tells us fish are throughout the river. Other days we had to really work for fish when nymphing caught as many fish as streamers. I will say because the Hendrickson hatch hasn’t kicked in yet fish are still not looking up so don’t leave the sinking lines at home.
The Moose is flowing a bit high but the good news is smelt have begun drifting through the gates at Brassua Dam so there is now a surplus of fish there banging away as they pass by. This is when our floating smelt gets a lot of attention around that neighborhood.
The Penobscot below Rip Dam is in it’s per-hatch funk. Many fish are still stacked down by the deadwater. Tasty Hendrickson’s and Red Quills will start hatching there first then work their way everyday further and further up-river with lots of the salmon in tow.
The Roach River is currently flowing at 250 which has fish right in downtown Kokadjo. I’m guessing there are salmon in all the pool all the way to the lake.
Streamers on sinking lines are still the best bet. We are still doing most of our business on bigger smelt patterns especially the Grey Ghost.
Because it’s early in the season, water temperature remains in the mid-40’s. Every mayfly, stonefly and caddis is crawling around the river bottom waiting their turn. We kept a salmon the other day to broil over the campfire, and in it’s stomach were black and brown stones, bright green caddis lava, olive lava and an assortment of mayfly nymphs. As a result we have been picking fish on all the above. We’ll put a weighted stone fly on and hang some kind of caddis or mayfly as a dropper then start changing the dropper until we hit on something. What worked today may not work tomorrow. Until hatches really start that’s the way it’s seems to goes. Once the Hendrickson’s start popping all you’ll need other than the dry is a standard pheasant tail and it could work for the better part of a week.
In regards to the anticipated sucker spawn there are lots of willing participants in a holding pattern around the gravel bars. Water temps only have to rise a couple more degrees and they will begin spewing spawn everywhere. Trout and salmon will start lapping up everyone they can find and we plan to have our little imitations mixed in. Here’s a link to a video we did a couple season ago during the sucker spawn. It’s one of those windows of opportunity that will leave you babbling if you lucky enough to hit it right.
Have a great Holiday Weekend.