Memorial Day Weekend Report

May 26, 2016

Water flows couldn’t be any better. Water temperature as well. Mayflies are just beginning to show which translates into fish are now looking up. Dust off your mayfly collection and keep it handy ‘cause you’re probably going to need it.
Blue wing olives have been around for a few days so fish aren’t just chasing streamers these days. Sinking lines and streamers are still working well. The one difference nowadays is we are using smaller streamers and changing often. What works in the morning may not be what they want in the afternoon. You can also get fish to chase your streamers using the dry line. As we mentioned they are beginning to look up. Just cast cross current and twitch your streamer as it swings downstream. If you keep an eye on your fly you’ll often s a boil behind your streamer. If you leave it there and bounce it about a bit you’ll likely entice the fish to make another pass. They usually won’t miss it the second time around.
Nymphing is the other game. But it may take ten different bugs to hook five fish. Over the last week it’s been black stones, brown stones, hare’s ear, pheasant tails, caddis lava, caddis pupa and finally yesterday sucker spawn began working.
Also break tradition now and then. Chop off that black stone and tie on a cone head woolly bugger or a small crayfish pattern. We had great success this week drifting a golden retriever under an indicator. For a while that was all we needed.
Try adding a hare’s ear or copper john dropper to your streamer. Fish it slow and deep. When fishing in places where fish see all the traditional stuff they are fast to refuse the same old stuff. I can’t count how many times traditional ways were getting us nowhere. What worked well yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today.
There are days when we cann’t catch two fish on the same fly. We’ve been trying sucker spawn all week and no one seemed interested. Today when we got around to trying it one more time, sucker spawn tickled every fish in the right gravel run.
The moral of the story is “If you know you are fishing over fish that will not co-operate dig into your bag of tricks which includes thinking out of the box.”
Write your own book. I guaranty there isn’t a good fishing guide around that doen’t have his or her own “When they won’t co-operate manual”.
When the Hendrickson hatches begin you’ll catch fish on anything that even comes close to real McCoy. Before and after success often comes to the angler with a good box of non-traditional tricks.
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.