MFO Season is here

August 2, 2015

MFO (Manditory Family Outing) season is upon us. Family vacations, wedding, and reunions are in full swing. SUV’s packed to the max towing a pop-up camping with three bikes lashed on top are everywhere. Outdoor living is easy and fun times are in high gear. The heat of summer in the north country is finally here and we just had the second full moon of the month. Another Blue Moon won’t come around until 2018.
Pond trout have retreated to precious spring holes. Somewhere in every small trout pond there is 55 degree ground water entering along the bottom. Without it trout could not survive the heat of summer that has the rest of the pond water in the mid-70’s. Every trout in the pond is in survival mode bellied along the bottom in a spring hole, which may not be any bigger than the foundation of a house. They’ll stay put until fall when the pond cools and they can again start roaming about looking for an easy meal.
As river water warms into the high 60’s fish begin to search for cooler water. On the West Branch, which is a tail water fishery, salmon move upriver and closer to McKay Station. Now is when the waters above the Telos Bridge fish the best. That stretch never holds as many fish as now. It’s Fly Fishing Only above the bridge with a one fish over 26” regulation.
Fish in the Moose River drop back into Moosehead heading for the colder deeper water to dine on smelt until the urge to spawn sends them back to the river come fall. Fish that remain at the Brassua dam will be most active at dawn so the early bird rule is a must if you want to see the bigger fish.
The East Outlet has not yet warmed enough to send all the fish into the lake. Fish will either drop back into Indian Pond or move toward the Dam and the fish ladder into Moosehead. This time of season you’ll find more fish in the upper river than the lower end. Caddis are still hatching and plenty of fish are still in the upper half of the river. We brought lots of salmon and trout up to caddis dries and emergers most of the day yesterday.
Enjoy MFO season and the beautiful summer weather.