October on the East Outlet

October 10, 2013

The fall draw down of Moosehead Lake is finally at the level needed for lake trout spawning activity. Yesterday waters level went from 3800 to 2000 cfs moving fish back into traditional lies. The water level is scheduled to drop even further which is welcome news for waders.
The name of the game these days is “If it isn’t working change it”. We put the sixth fish in the boat yesterday and everyone was caught on a different fly. Nymphing continues to produce most of the fish but streamers and soft hackles are working as well.
There are a lot of big fish in the river, both brookies and salmon. I suggest using the heaviest leaders possible. I won’t put on anything less than 3X except for tiny nymphs. The issues we have been having is hooks getting straighten and fish slamming streamers and breaking off.
It can’t get much better and the weather is perfect.