October on the East Outlet

October 2, 2016

The regular fishing season ended with a bang. The Roach River lit right up and produced some fantastic trout and salmon. The small trout ponds also lit up. Talk of 30 fish days left pond fishermen wishing the season wasn’t ending. The problem with September is it should be 3 months long. Those fish are only going to get bigger over the winter.
Now our limited extended season begins. The East & West Outlets of the Kennebec remain open. Many salmon and trout don’t enter the rivers until October when water temps dip into the 50’s.
Just remember late season salmon and trout are very particular. Once they are in the river they are not feeding regularly if at all. We hooked a good number of hefty salmon the last few days and only caught two fish on the same fly. It may take 4 different nymph to hook four different fish out of the same pool. We often say “ Once you catch a fish on a fly just change it, because you probably won’t get another one on that fly.”
There are fish that may grab a nymph but have no interest in a streamer and a fish that will chase a stream and have no interest in a nymph. Change flies and techniques often.
The foliage is absolutely stunning right now and I can’t think of a better place to be than on the river swinging a streamer or banging the bottom with a tiny pheasant tail.
We are still going to be open everyday until mid-month but not all day.
Our October Hours are;
Monday-Thursday 7am-noon
Friday & Saturday 7am-5pm
Sunday 9am-noon