Only 3 days left!!

September 28, 2013

Time is getting very short for most of the waters in the Moosehead Region. But there’s still time for some fine fall fishing.
Small ponds are at their best. Fish have been out of the spring holes for some time now and are on a pre-spawn feeding binge. Use traditional dries like a Royal Wulff or Royal Coachman wet and cast around. Fish are circling the pond searching for something to eat. Concentrate on areas around an inlet where trout gather to spawn in mid-October.
The Roach River remains red hot. It may take 10 different flies to catch 6 fish so keep changing. These are all adult spawning trout and salmon and 20″ salmon are now common place.
The Moose River holds a good number of fish but has been fishing slower than normal. The jury is still out as to why. It may be because it never got a substantial increase in flow that attracts fish.
The East Outlet has a lot of beautiful salmon throughout. It takes a big bag of tricks to product a good catch though. Yesterday we got the news from Brookfield Energy that the flow would go to 4200 cfs until October 10th in order to lower Moosehead by October 15 for the lake trout to spawn. The increase in flow will bring in lots more fish but the river will remain near impossible to wade until the flow goes back down.
OH! Brookfield Energy has now gated off the dam so there will be no more fishing from the dam. They say it’s about liability if someone falls in. There have been issues at some of their other facilities.

Fishing will end on most of the waters in this region the last day of September. If there are wild brook trout they need to be left alone to spawn in peace during October. Some of the stocked ponds remain open in October like Prong, Sawyer, Mountain View, and Shadow.
The East and West Outlets also remain open but go to catch and release.

Enjoy the last few days and the wonderful fall colors. We are peaking.