Some of the biggest fish of the season.

October 2, 2014

It’s true. The biggest fish that have spent most of there time in a lake dining on smelt and getting fat are now in a river somewhere with the urge to spawn.
Magnificent hard fighting, high jumping, bronze plated salmon are now in all the pools and runs with more entering the river everyday. They be in all the right places and in spots you never see them any other time.
They are more interested in each other that food but will pick-up a nymph drifting by now and then or maybe chase a bright streamer zipping cross current. They’ll even sip a small soft hackle wet fly just below the surface when they feel like having a morsel.
There is nothing predictable about October salmon. About the best advice we can give regarding late season tactics is when you finally find a fly a big fish wants cut it off and tie on something else because you probably won’t get another fish to take it. Yesterday we caught fish on 3 different nymphs, 2 different streamers, and 3 different soft hackle wets. And we probably tied on 15 or more different flies. It’s next to impossible to find a fly that will catch more than one fish.
One thing also we preach to everyone is be “On Your Toes” with every single cast because when the biggest fish of your season comes out of nowhere and ends up on the end of your line you had better hope everything goes your way. They don’t like it when they get hooked and are happy to steal a fly from anyone who may not be up to the task.
Fall colors are now peaking and big salmon are there and willing to play. You just have to get the right fly by the right fish.
Here is a link to our video of last October on the East Outlet just to get the juices flowing.
Good Luck.