The Hendricksons are coming

May 29, 2014

Fishing during the Memorial Day Weekend was nothing less than fabulous. Pond fishermen have been raving about the surface activity. It appears all you have to do is lay about anything on the surface, twitch it a bit and a trout will find it. Mayfly hatches have begun so a #12 Blue Dunn, or an Adams, or Quill Gordon will be on the menu all this week.
Don’t forget something with hunter orange in it like a Wood Special or Orange Muddler. It’s a fact, brookies do love orange.
River levels were near perfect for waders and should remain that way.
Blue wing olives have been showing every afternoon for days so the Hendrickson hatches should begin any time. When they do you’ll be able to set your watch by the hatch. Bugs start showing by 2:01 pm and last until dinnertime. The first day they show in masses will probably be one of the best days of the season. Every fish in the river will be eating any mayfly in its feeding lane. All you need is the right size and color imitation along with a good drag-free presentation and that trout or salmon will grab it and hang on to it. Once you have had your fun just look around for another feeding fish and do it again and again. We once counted 11 feeding fish at one of the big pools on the West Branch then hooked and landed 10 of them. We can’t say enough about the first days of the Hendrickson hatches. Dreams can come true, we’ve witnessed it countless times.
Until that day comes folks are still having great success swinging streamers. Smaller sizes seem to be working better than big ones these days. Also try a heavy stonefly nymph with some sort of mayfly dropper like a Copper John or a pheasant tail. They have been a great producer.
It appears the high water earlier must have dumped a good number of bigger brook trout into the East Outlet because the 14-16″ brookies seem to be all over the place.
The photo above is of Allen Erickson with one of those 18″ trout. He was guided by Ian Cameron.
For those of you that have fishing plans in the immediate future get ready, your dreams may very well come true.