The Hendricksons are here

June 5, 2014

Water level on the East Outlet remains at excellent wading levels. The Hendrickson hatches have started in earnest and fish are eating any lookalike. Every fish in the river is looking up. The days are coming when it’ll be dries all day long.
Daily hatches start around mid-day and continue until the dinner hour. Even though you might not see fish feeding on the surface, fish are looking up. Take a good search pattern like a Parachute Adams and cover the water. Focus on eddy lines and slower moving water like the tail end of a pool and you’ll likely entice trout and salmon to come up for an easy meal.
Now that the hatches have started a good emerging pattern of what has been hatching will fool a lot of fish. Once fish have feed on a particular hatch they can get fussy and emergers will often catch more fish than the dry adult imitation. It’s a lot easier for a fish to find and sip in a bug just under the surface than one flurting around on top. We all want to see a fish when they take a dry but emergers almost always fool the bigger fish in the river.
Nymphing is always in season. Remember once hatches have started fish begin to grab nymphs as they come to the surface so be sure to let the current bring your nymph to the surface before making another cast. These days a lot of fish are fooled when a nymph leaves the bottom and heads to the surface.
Dry fly season is in full swing and will last all month.