The hits just keep on coming

June 27, 2014

Our update on current fishing conditions is more of the same.
It just doesn’t get any better than right now. Caddis are still hatching but mid-day hatches are beginning to fade and fewer fish found rising but every fish in the rivers is still looking up. Some days its dries all day long with few fly changes, and others we get fish on a variety of caddis dries, nymphs, and emergers. Elk wing caddis still dominate with dark body colors like brown and olive. Emerging patterns are beginning to fool fussy fish. Fish have been feeding on top until mid-afternoon when nymphing seems to be the best method.
Even with the rain we got the last couple of days waters levels in all the river remain at fishable levels. The Roach did get turned up to 300 scf which should draw in more fish.
The extended forecast is for fabulous weather so the hits should just keep on coming.
We love the photo of this leaping salmon with an elk wing caddis tight to the business end of a nice salmon. The caption should say “You may have me now but we’ll just see who wins this battle.” If you click on the salmon photo you’ll find a video we did about fishing the caddis season. There are a few tips you my be interested in.
July in right around the corner and Drake season is due to begin any day now.
Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on the water.