The stars have lined-up.

September 14, 2014

The water flows are down to very wade-able levels on the East Outlet and the Moose and have been bumped up again at the Roach. Fall conditions couldn’t be any better. Cold nights and cool days are bringing new fish into the rivers right on schedule.
It’s spawning run time and new fish in the river are very eager to chase a bright colored streamer. Cast cross current and let it swing. Expect the hit to come at the end of the swing when the fly stops. Be sure to leave it there for a few seconds before recasting because you may be taking a fly away from at fish ready to strike.
Nymphing is also very productive. Once fish are in the river for a while they begin to ignore streamers so you need to deliver a Lays potato chip to the couch potatoes glued to the bottom.
When you are nymphing this time of season go to smaller patterns. Most of the nymphs are just beginning there life cycle and are quite small. Flip a few rocks and you’ll see what I mean.
If a fly isn’t working change it. In the fall it often takes 10 different flies to catch 10 different fish.
It’s that time of year when we see some of the biggest fish of the season. Life is good.