They are looking up

June 3, 2016

The season is chugging along nicely. We are still catching’em with sinking lines and streamers but it’s about time to pack that line away. Fish are more and more apt to chase a streamer bounced around with your floating line. A lot of different streamers are working. It’s more about covering a lot of water than what you’re using. If it isn’t working change it.
It still takes a lot of different flies to tickle different fish. Caddis hatches haven’t kicked in just yet and a few mayflies are still making an appearance in the afternoon and evenings. It’s not a bad idea before the caddis hatches begin to drift a Royal Wulff around. It’s always been a great search pattern that can attract a lot of fish.
Nymphing is still an important component to a good game plan. Probably have our fish are taken on nymph rigs. Bright green-bodied nymphs are still at the top of the list. Probably because the first blanket hatch of caddis will have a bright green body. After that the list is long. We have started seeing a good number of big black stone cases on the rocks.
Rumor has it there are good numbers of exceptional salmon in the Moose River. A regular customer was in the shop yesterday that had boated and measured a 28” salmon on the Moose. That fish was returned. Bravo!!! Keep those genes in the pool to be passed on to another generation.
It won’t be long before we’ll be fishing dries all day long.
Have a great fishing trip.