Things are coming around

April 15, 2015

Warming temperatures, rainy weather and foggy conditions are quickly changing the complexion of things in the Moosehead Lake Region.

Run-off has begun in earnest and our lakes are beginning to fill with the remaining snow pack. We’re posting daily water flows for our major watersheds on our “Water Flows” page..
There is now a one stop web site for most water flows around the state. The web site is Waterline and if you don’t already have it here is the link to their flow page.
If you’ve got a connection this is the place. You can still use your phone but the menu has changed and you’ll have to go to this site to get code numbers to enter for each dam.

There isn’t much to report regarding the fishing. You may find a fish or two just downstream of the dams. Nymphing would be you best bet. Smelts haven’t started running and won’t until the snow pack is about gone.
We’ve finally turned the corner and things will begin to perk up in the near future. Iceout is still a ways away.
Where a link to the webcam on top of Blair Hill, just outside of Greenville. Bookmark it so you can keep a watchful eye on Moosehead.

The shop will be open for the season on Friday, May 1st.
We look forward to seeing everyone and taking advantage of some early season fishing.