Two more miles of Moosehead Lake shoreline protected

January 2015

In mid-December the people who have come to love the Moosehead Lake Region got an early Christmas gift of conservation.
Here is what Karin Tilberg of the Forest Society of Maine had to say about this wonderful gift of conservation.

Greetings ~ I am writing to share some wonderful news: the Moosehead-Seboomook Inholding project (also known as Little W Shoreline) was completed on December 15, 2014! Your support for this project helped bring about this splendid outcome and it is now part of the state-owned “Seboomook Unit” managed by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

This parcel of land was the largest undeveloped inholding on 41,000 acres of state-owned and managed lands known as the Seboomook Unit that were permanently conserved in 2003. Now, thanks to the descendants of Blin W. Page of Skowhegan, 81 forested acres with two miles of shoreline will provide a connection between these inland forests and Moosehead Lake.

This conservation outcome for these lands helps ensure that sustainable forest management and public access for recreational use will be maintained on this important area on the northern end of Moosehead Lake. Under state ownership and management the parcel will provide an attractive area of respite for paddlers on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, as well as for boaters, campers, and fishermen exploring Moosehead Lake, and for snowmobilers on the Moosehead Lake Snowmobile Trail loop.

The Little W Shoreline project garnered support from numerous businesses and organizations in the Moosehead Lake area, since it conserves the outstanding qualities of Moosehead Lake as well as the many recreational activities that depend upon maintaining stable, abundant fish and wildlife populations and camping opportunities that attract people to the region. Forest Legacy and Land and Water Conservation funding along with the assistance of Maine’s Congressional delegation and our state representatives were essential to the successful completion of this initiative.

We truly appreciate their effective and timely support that will safeguard the ecological, recreational, and economic values of Maine’s forestlands for all to enjoy. Thank you again for helping make this significant conservation project a success.

Warm regards,
Karin R. Tilberg
Deputy Executive Director
Forest Society of Maine