We are in full summer mode

July 26, 2014

The heat of summer is upon us. Drake season is about over in this neighborhood and trout have retreated to their air conditioned summer homes. Somewhere in every small trout pond their is spring water entering the pond from the bottom. Because of this 55 degree spring water trout manage to survive the heat of summer and mid-seventy degree bath water by lounging around on the bottom in the bubble of cooler water. It’s known that trout will not leave a spring hole until fall like temperatures cool the pond enough so trout can roam about again in search of a meal.
I will say the location of spring holes on trout ponds are very guarded secrets because fish stack in an area about the size of a foundation of a house. Fish anywhere else in the pond and you are fishing in bath water with no fish. The one dead giveaway of a spring hole is the splash of small trout chasing tiny caddis that hatch and skip around on the surface there. If you are on a shallow trout pond and see this activity you should anchor within casting distance and use a full sinking line with some sort of drake nymph. A maple syrup works well. Cast as long a line as possible and let it sink enough to be close to bottom. Now retrieve your nymph slowly with your rod tip aimed down the line and close to the water. When a strike comes try to strip set the fly with a straight tug on your line keeping the rod tip low. If you miss the fish your fly will only move a few inches encouraging the trout to strike again. Lifting the rod to set a the hook removes the fly all together with not chance at another strike.
Fish the hole from all angles until you start getting fish then concentrate on that area. Fish will stack in the coolest water and are often eager to get grab a nice morsel of food close by. Summer springhole fishing is very technical in nature but very productive when you zero in on the right spot where the biggest trout of the season can be found stacked in a small area.
River fishing is holding up nicely. Daytime hatching are far let frequent during the heat of summer. Caddis hatches have progressed with an orange body caddis currently out. Bigger fish are getting harder to find. They are best enticed with a larger fly like a stimulator and a bead head nymph as a dropper. Concentrate on the head and tail of pools. Fish that are actively feeding can be found in either end.