We’re Peaking

October 15, 2016

We are half way through our extended October season on the East Outlet of the Kennebec and things couldn’t be much better. The fall colors are as brilliant as we’re ever seen and salmon are throughout the entire river. The quality of the salmon is superb. Male are all colored with big hook jaws and the females are chrome and fat as can be. Salmon are never any healthier than they are right now.
They are getting a bit fussy though, it’s that time of season when food isn’t as much of an issue as each others company. Fish are beginning to stack in spots. You can bet that if you catch a female there will likely be a male or two nearby. You just might get another big fish in the next two of three casts.
It may take ten different flies to get ten different fish though. Interview any October angler and you have a hard time finding two who are catching fish on the same fly.
The river is currently at 1000 cfs and will likely stay there until the end of the month. Wading couldn’t be any better. There is only a couple weeks left until the river from the beach pool down is off limits until April. There is still plenty of time to catch the biggest fish of your season.
The fly shop is now closed for the season. If you are looking for a drift boat trip or in town and need something give the shop a call 695-2266 and if we are around we’ll gladly open and help you out.
Have a great time on the water.