What a difference a couple days make

May 9, 2014

It’s over, only a little ice remains.
The smelt are running, the fishing is getting better everyday,and a window of opportunity just opened up.
If you are a troller and want a chance at a big brookie the next two weeks will be your best chance. Try troll any smelt pattern along the shores of Moosehead Lake. Fish will be looking for smelt that are traveling the shoreline in search of streams to spawn in. Troll a long line, 75′ or more and follow the contour along rocky shores where you can see bottom on one side of the boat and not on the other. It’s also a good idea to hold and work your fishing rod. If you have a strike or catch a fish circle around and make a couple more passes through the area. Fish, especially salmon, will school so it’s likely there will be more.
There are going to be some very large brookies caught in using this method. We know of a 25″ brookie caught last spring and it was put back to be caught again.
Let the games begin!!!