When the leaves on the alders ?

May 13, 2015

Conditions are improving everyday. When the leaves on the alders are the size of a mouse’s ear things begin to happen. Up to now moving water fishing hasn’t been much. The water is too dare cold. But when the buds start popping water temps rise about 40 degrees and fish perk-up and feed more regularly.
Moosehead is all but full so water has begun to flow down the East Outlet. Last Saturday it was doubled from 570 to 1079 cfs. It doesn’t seem like much but fish in Indian Pond responded well and within 24 hours new bright fish were throughout the river. We drifted on Sunday and only needed one streamer all day. I don’t think it would have mattered what smelt pattern we had on. Chrome bright salmon were right where they were supposed to be all the way down. We quite counting early in the day.
Today flow was doubled again to 2000 cfs so you can expect another wave of fish to move in from Indian Pond and also drop down through the gate at the dam. Sinking lines and big streamers are the ticket for now. Remember to get them down. Fish will not be looking up until hatches start. If you can see your streamer it’s not deep enough and it’s not going to interest many fish.
The Moose is seeing a decrease in flow which will make it much easier to fish. Fish are still stacked at the mouth. They should begin moving upriver any day now.
Ponds will begin seeing midge hatches and with the good weather predicted for the next week don’t be surprised if mayflies start to show. Pack your Blue Dunns, Black Gnats, and Adams. Also try twitching a Hornberg just under the surface. It gets lots of attention this time of season.
The Roach is reported to have a run of fish as well. It got bumped up to 250 cfs yesterday.
The worm has turned and it’s time to get to it.
Have a great week on the water.