Big Streamers

April 12, 2017

It will be awhile until ice-out. The snow pack is dropping and run-off is in full swing but there is no real open water to be found on the lakes and ponds (except for the mouth of the Moose River). Back roads are still snow covered so you won’t get far if you want to check on any of the ponds.

The water people (Brookfield Energy) are still dumping Moosehead water but it probably won’t be long before they go to minimum flow (550 cfs) and begin filling the lake. As the lake fills open water will begin to show along the edges and islands and the process of getting rid of 2 feet of ice will begin. That all takes time.

When everything does come together it will be all about smelt runs, sinking lines and big streamers. It’s one of those windows of opportunity that comes around but once a season. Runs typically begin the last week of April in the smaller streams and the beginning to mid-May on bigger rivers. Water temperature needs to be 40 degrees or above which translates to…. most of the snow must be gone from the woods.

So for the time being we watch conditions and make ready our gear, tie more flies and watch a Moosehead web cam. There are a few around Moosehead but our favorite towers above all the rest at the Blair Hill Inn.
It gives us a commanding view of Moosehead Lake and its remaining ice.

There is plenty of open water around the mouth of the Moose River in Rockwood if you want to do some trolling. Smelt will soon begin to gather out in the lake at the mouth of the river. You’ll need the down riggers to get to the fish for now.

The Maine Guide Fly Shop will be open for the season on April 29th.
It is our 35th Year.
How time flies.