Winter Loosens it’s Grip

April 16, 2017 Fishing Report

The snow is going but the ice is still hanging tight. We always say if the ice goes out before the beginning of May it’s early, if it goes out after May 10th it’s late. It doesn’t look right now like it’s going to be early this spring. The snow pack has been falling fast due to the warm conditions and rain. They are still letting water go but there is plenty left to finish filling the lakes when the time comes. The West Branch drainage cut loose last week. Canada Falls generally flows at 100 – 200 cfs (cubic feet per second) A few days ago it was at 6000 cfs and Sebookook peaked at 13,000 cfs. Summer flows there are around 500 cfs. Run-off is far from being over. You can keep an eye on the fluctuations in flows at our Water Flow page. We post current flows everyday over morning coffee.

So for now fishing opportunities are very limited. The Moose River is running high, the Roach River is in the woods any still water is still frozen tight. It will be at least another week before smelt runs kick in. The remaining snow pack has to be about gone before that can happen.

If you want to keep an eye on the ice conditions we recommend you go to the webcams around the Moosehead Region. – View from the top of Blair Hill in Greenville
This is our favorite. – View from Beaver Cove – View from the mouth of the Moose River in Rcokwood – View of Moosehead from the Birches in Rockwood

We will be back in Greenville soon and plan on opening for the season on April 29th. It will be our 35 Year. How time flies.