They’re Looking up

June 2, 2017

Now that Hendricksons have started to show fish are beginning to look to the surface for a meal. They’ll chase a streamers fished on a dry line. They’ll pick a soft hackle just under the surface and in the afternoon when mayflies begin showing its dry fly time.
This time of season, before caddis season kicks in, fish are what we often say “ They’re in transition.”
To hook many fish you have to try it all. There is a fish out there that is looking for a nymph, others still want to chase a streamer but not nearly as many as a week ago, and then the fish that are looking to the surface for a bug meal.
Generally we’re fishing nymphs and streamers all morning and in the afternoon when mayflies begin showing, switch to dry flies and soft hackle. You’ll be able to set your watch to afternoon mayfly hatches over the next week or so..
Another thing, it takes different flies to interest different fish. They are not all interested in the same thing. “They are in transition.” We’ve said it a thousand times “If first you don’t succeed try another fly.” There are times, when you finally fool a fish, you can cast that same fly until the feathers fall off and not tickle another fish. Change it and fish over the same water and fool another one.
Ponds fishing is at it’s peak. Hatches are in full swing. Blue Dunns, Quill Gordons, Adams and Black Gnats are all hatching. The first few days of a mayfly cycle trout make pigs of themselves gobbling anything on the surface. But after a few days of banner hatches there will be hundreds of mayflies on the surface and no one eating or so you think. Now is the time to put a traditional wet on and twitch it just under the surface. You’ll be delighted to find plenty of feeding fish grabbing a bug just before they get to the surface.
Everything is coming alive in the north country. It’s a wonderful time of year. Caddis season isn’t that far away when all you’ll need is a hand-full of Olive Elk Wing Caddis. But for now, transition time, show’em everything.
Great fishing will hold up until the heat of summer shows, which by the way things have been going may not happen for some time.
Have a great weekend on the water.