Join Us on the Dark Side

June 13, 2017

Many believe BASS is a 4 letter word, especially in trout and salmon country. They weren’t here to begin with, an invasive species, not noble enough to be included with cold water gamefish. Take your choice but it’s not the fishes fault they thrive in a few suitable areas in the north country. They have been around these parts for 30 years and are wonderful gamefish that eagerly grab a top water bug, leap high in the air, fight like a junk yard dog, and don’t mind warmer water trout and salmon can’t handle.

Our region attracts many enthusiastic smallmouth fishermen from all over the country. Few places exist in the northeast where a 20 inch smallmouth can be a common creature. And the month of June is prime time. We just finished a week of smallmouth fishing with customers that have been making the trip to our region for 15 years or more to chase smallies in the shallows with fly tackle and top water bugs. And what a time they have. It’s accuracy casting to some sort of structure, where smallmouth like to hold, and enticing a predator with a twitch of the fly that may result in the most gentle take leaving you wondering where your bug went. A hard lift of the rod finds a smallmouth in the air then heading for whatever nasty structure it can find. What more can you ask from a fish. It’s exciting action, the scenery is without question fabulous, and during prime time big bass are eager and plentiful.

If you have never chased north country smallmouth consider giving it a try during June or July. Some of our regular trout and salmon clients have joined us on the Dark Side to see what all the fuss was about and now can’t wait until another bass season comes around.

Have a peek at our “Maine – Photos Page”, if you dare, and some of this seasons photos of very happy customers showing off their catches.