Dry Fly Time

June 16, 2017

Caddis are hatching everywhere and you don’t have to look very hard to find fish chasing caddis bouncing about on the surface of a river near here.

Caddis have been popping on the Moose and the West Branch for nearly a week but yesterday was the first day the East Outlet saw its first major caddis hatch.

Elk wing caddis are all you’ll need for a while. If you rattle alders along the shore of any river you should see caddis flutter about. Look at them at rest on a leave and they can all look the same. Some may be bigger than others but the wings are very close in appearance. Get your hands a few, flip them over and you’ll find body colors are not always the same. The first to hatch are usually a bright green body color. They will be the predominate caddis for a few days but don’t plan on them being around very long. Next will be the classic olive color then tan, orange, chocolate (West Branch caddis) and black. Caddis will be hatching everyday right through July. This time of season it can be dry flies all day long. What could be better?

Yesterday the bright green body caddis began on the East Outlet. Starting time was around 10:00 am and continued until after lunch. Today they started about the same time but continued until mid-afternoon. Tomorrow and the next they should keep the same hours but even longer.

Fish that are feeding on caddis can be hard to figure out at times. We said in our last report that everything is going to change when caddis start showing. You’ll need to set aside all you know about fishing mayflies (a good drift is better than a good cast). We have great information about fishing caddis hatches at our “Hatches & Hints” page


Fishing caddis hatches is a very different game than mayflies. It’s a lot of fun and you will be rewarded when you figure out just how fish want your caddis presented.

So carry a good variety of caddis in different sizes and body colors because color matters. Elk wing caddis are the best right now. They’ll float high, skip well, and look like the real deal. We have plenty on hand in the store or at our On-Line Catalog.


You pond fishermen must be getting ready for the main event of the season. Green Drake / Hexagenia will be bringing the biggest trout to the surface before long. We’ll keep you posted. The first week of July is always a good bet to plan your pond time.

Have a great weekend on the water. The river flows couldn’t be any better.