And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

July 1, 2017

River fishing remains very good. Caddis are hatching and cycling between different species. In the last few days we have been teasing fish to the surface with elk wing caddis with olive bodies, orange bodies and brown bodies. Tan Goddard caddis even started showing yesterday afternoon.

One suggestion during this period of a caddis season; what works in the morning may not work in the afternoon. Hatches can be very sporadic with different species hatching in difference pools all along a river. What worked well in one stretch of river may not get a look in the run around the bend. Yesterday we had four different species of caddis land in the drift boat. We cycled through a dozen or more caddis imitations and caught fish on almost every one. None worked for any great length of time.

The second suggestion would be to twitch your caddis along the surface. A drag-free drift isn’t always the answer during caddis season. Your bug will get more attention if you twitch it now and then. It’s the carrot many trout and salmon cannot resist.

We saw fish come up for a look at a dead drifted caddis, refuse it, then return and grab the very same fly when we gave it a twitch. Good stuff.

Finally if something that has been working goes stale and stops working but you know you are on fish just change it. Go with a different body color, maybe something smaller or a bit bigger. Adding an emerger as a dropper gives fish a choice. Many days fish key on bugs in the film of the water especially when there isn’t anything visibly hatching.

We are currently right on the edge of two major events in the insect world. The Green Drake (Hex) hatches on our trout ponds and Giant Golden Stones on our rivers.

Golden stones have just now begun to show here and there but the Drakes haven’t made an appearance that we know of. A couple of sunshiny, warmer days should set those wheels in motion. I’m sure we’ll be reporting about both this coming week.

Water flows could not be any better. We’re seeing lots of happy anglers around these days. It’s hard to beat finding and fooling a feeding fish with the long rod. And there is a lot of that going around these days.

The photo above is of father (Caleb Winder) and daughter (Avery) with a double. How does it get any better?

Have a great holiday weekend.