A First

August 19, 2017

Things are just about the same as they were during our last report. Caddis are hatching mornings and evenings with a few stones thrown in. We are still tickling fish to the surface for an orange, tan or black body caddis.

Soft hackle wets are doing all the real damage. They are a big temptation and much easier for a fish to get than something small flirting around on the surface film especially when there is nothing hatching.

The West Branch below Rip Dam will continue to be a good with the bulk of the fish residing from Big Eddy on up to Little Eddy. The East Outlet is at 1000 cfs, which allows anglers to wade just about anywhere. At this flow fish will be concentrated in the deepest pools and runs. Nymphing those deep runs would be a good choice. The Moose still has fish hanging around the dam. Daybreak is the best time to be there. A tiny yellow perch pattern seems to work best there. And the upper pools on Roach River remain productive at first light. These are resident fish spending their summer in the deeper water of the Dump and Warden’s pools. Tiny bead head nymphs bounced along the bottom are your best bet there.

On another worthy note, as a guide we get to be a part of many firsts for people. First fish on a fly rod, first landlocked salmon, biggest fish ever, first fish on a dry or someone’s first close-up look at a mature bald eagle keeping an eye on us from its perch atop a pine tree or maybe a bull moose finishing a long night of foraging during our journey to a river. As a guide we get to see it all but we never take any of this for granted, we get the same thrill as our customers do each and every time. Being a part the first time ever for someone is a thrill that never gets old. Stuff folks never forget and share whenever there is someone willing to lesson to their tales from a memorable trip.

A couple weeks ago I experienced my own first time event during a guided trip on the West Branch. After we pulled ashore for a lunch break Quentin said he had something to discuss with Jennifer and would be back in a bit. Upon their return they formally announced their engagement. Quentin had asked for Jennifer’s hand in marriage while sitting on the riverbank. We had a ginger ale toast, feasted on lunch and caught a boatload of salmon and trout. It doesn’t get much better than that. A once in a lifetime I’ll never forget.
The photo above says it all & of course Q made sure Jennifer caught the biggest and most fish.

Here’s what they had to say about their memorable day.

Hi Dan,
Thank you for the best day on a river​,​
ever. I came home with the “catch of a lifetime” and fishing was great too!
Quentin and I really enjoyed meeting you and Penny. You’re a true pro and it was such fun
to spend the day fishing with you. We really enjoyed the conversation, especially hearing your  experience with Maine’s considerable conservation achievements. And you set the bar very high with that shore lunch. We’re still talking about Penny’s perfect brownies.
Here are some pictures for your website. If you want to include our engagement,
 it would be fun to have it memorialized as well!

We’ll definitely be back for more days fishing with you.

All our best,
Jenn & Quentin

On the back of Jennifers business card it reads “Fly Fishing is more than Catching.”
We couldn’t have put it any better.