Like Magic

September 12, 2017

It didn’t take long for fish to respond to increases in water flows.
The Roach has trout and salmon throughout as does the East Outlet.

Last week we caught salmon in all the runs from the Beach Pool, where we launched, right down to the lake.  Sixteen salmon came to our net. All were 18 – 20″ beauties. We used only one fish all day, a white maribou streamer. One of our other guides had an equally great day and they only needed one fly, a Grey Ghost Maribou. It was the best day of salmon fishing we have seen in a very long time. The salmon were all beauties and serious about chasing streamers.

New spawning age salmon in a river tend to be that way. We witnessed it the other day. It probably wouldn’t have mattered which streamer we used. Fresh fish are just like that but after they are in the river for a few days they may not find streamers quite as appealing after they have been stung a time or two. They eventually settle into spots and chill, after all they won’t actually be cavorting about until November. After they settle in for the long haul they do however begin to pick at tidbits a little so nymphs begin to find their way into fishes mouths and a soft hackle swung slowly across the current becomes an easy and appealing morsel to sip in.

So during spawning season bring your best bag of tricks because there are fish that want one but not the other. It’s this time of season that it may take ten different flies to catch ten different fish or just maybe one is all you’ll need all day long like we had the good fortune to witness just the other day.

Now is the time to head for your favorite spot if you want to get in on what is shaping up to be a fall we’ll talk about for some time to come.

We now have two overnight openings for two anglers this October.
October 4th & 5th
October 12th & 13th
Call 207-695-2266 to get in on some wonderful late season drift boat fishing.

Enjoy your time on the water. The foliage is already coming on strong.