A slow start

April 20, 2018  –  We’ll begin the 2018 Fishing Report Season with a reality check. We have been receiving emails from regular customer inquiring when drift boat trips are scheduled to begin.

The photo above says it all. It could be a shot of a wintery February day in Downtown Greenville but the reality is it’s this morning, April 20th.

If you reside south of Waterville you probably have the yard raked and your early perennials already have poked their heads above ground. But north of the what we call the “Monson-Dixon Line”, which lines somewhere in the vicinity of the Appalachian Trail, winter hasn’t decided to give it up just yet. Moosehead and it’s surrounding lakes and ponds remain frozen tight. You could still get in some fine back country snowmobiling above Kokadjo if your snow sled isn’t already on mothballs.

If you plan on an early season outing to one of the rivers in the area be sure to bring your snowshoes and ear muffs. There is still plenty of white stuff out there. The water people have started to hold back the remaining run-off so to begin filling Moosehead. The East Outlet is currently running at 1000 cfs. We’ll begin posting daily flows on our “Water Flows” page so you can follow the progress. There is still a lot of run-off to come. How fast the lakes fill depends on air temperature, and rainfall. In a perfect world we’ll get just enough rain and warm weather to fill everything, then begin flowing wadeable levels. Mother Nature always has something to say before it’s over.

Here is a great link to all the webcams in the area. You can see for yourself what conditions are like above the Monson-Dixin Line.

The fly shop will be opening for the season on Saturday, April 28th. We look forward to seeing everyone and getting the 2018 Open Water Season underway.

All we need is a week of 60-70 degree weather and open water life will begin once again.

Oh, At this time it’s save to say “Smelt runs are still a ways away”.