Late season rewards

October 22, 2018 – There is only a week remaining in the extended season for the East Outlet of the Kennebec. Come November 1st the only stretch of river that remains open is from the Dam on Moosehead to the yellow posts located at the Beach Pool.

Until then the entire river remains open and the fishing is still worth a trip. The river is full of adult landlocks and brookies. Anglers have been wrestling with some gorgeous fish averaging 18-20″ and bigger. We aren’t saying getting one to eat your fly is easy, breezy but if you work the river over you’ll probably have a grin from ear to ear before the days end. Our latest customers comment was “I can’t believe I landed that big fish on that tiny little fly”.

Because we are nearing spawning time for salmon, around mid-November, their mind is on other things than looking for a square meal. But because they have eaten a million Lays potato chips in the past they may just grab one or two more before they move to the spawning areas. Their mind may be on spawning but if a tender, tiny Pheasant Tail nymph or a small Partridge & Orange soft hackle comes drifting past their nose they may casually sip it in.

It may take a number of different flies to hook a few different fish. There is a salmon out there that will still chase down a streamer, or one that will pick up one more nymph drifting along the bottom, and others that are willing to slip to the surface and sip a soft hackle when presented just so.

Have a look at some of the beauties our customers have been bringing to net this October at the “Photos” page on our website. They are some of the best fish of the season.

Our fly shop is now offically closed for the season. What few fishng still around don’t really need anything so we are busy doing things that were left undone during the busy season. We aren’t far off so if you are passing through and need gear feel free to ring us up @ 207-695-2266 and if we are handy we’ll be happy to swing the door open and help you out.