It’s go time!!!

May 10, 2019

Moosehead Lake was officially called out on Thursday , May 9th. Smelt runs are on everywhere including the Moose River which saw smelt in the river last night.

The Moose River is a favorite destination for early season trollers. Smelt, salmon, brookies and lake trout will be throughout the river in the upcoming days. As each day passes fish will be caught further and further up the river. Trolling your favorite smelt pattern is the way to go. There will be lots of bragging size fish come to net over the next couple weeks.

Small ponds will be ice free in the coming days if they aren’t already. Sinking lines and dragon fly nymphs fished along a sunny shore should find fish feeding on any easy target crawled along the bottom.

River flows are still extremely high. They are at the mercy of mother nature. Lakes are brim full from excess run-of so every drop of water that comes from above must be passed on down river. When leaves begin to bud and leaves begin to form trees need to pull a lot of water from the ground, which is a big help slowing run-off. You can expect the river will begin to subside before long.

We aren’t peaking just yet. The new season is still in it’s infantsy. So it’s go time. Once the ice goes 36 degree water begins warming a bit everyday and fishing quickly improved.

Have a great beginning to the season.