Brands We Offer

The Maine Guide Fly Shop in one of the oldest Orvis Dealer in the Northeast. Orvis has been committed to the fly fishing community for generations. Their premium line of fly rods carry an Unconditional 25 Year Warranty. Their line of fly reels handle any fishing situation and their fly lines are some of the finest made. After all they own Scientific Angler.

We carry all the Classic Cortland fly lines. They built a reputation with the Classic 44.

Temple Fork Outfitter fly rods are loved by everyone who owns one. They come with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty attached.

Daiichi and Mustad hooks are the leaders in their industry.

Waspi and Hareline Dubbin offer the finest fly tying materials, both natural and synthetic.

Flymen Fishing Company offers the latest in innovative fly tying beads, skull and helmet heads. Their products take fly tying to the next generation.

Loon Outdoors offers a complete line of the eco friendly fly line and fly conditioners. They’ll breath life back into your flies or fly lines.

Pacific Fly Group flies are some of the finest tied flies on the planet.

Fishermen Eyewear is affordable polarized eye protection.

Stop at our shop whenever you are in Greenville or visit our online store and shop right from your easy chair.

We’ve been proudly “Serving the Serious Fisherman” for 36 Years.