Fishing Reports – Florida

Post-Irma Chickee Hopping in the Everglades

Mid-December 2017 Hurricane Irma roared through Florida in September packing winds in excess of 110 mph. It engulfed the entire state of Florida then headed up the entire east coast all the way to New England. On dry ground countless homes and businesses were lost, the power grid was destroyed and trees were ripped out … Continue reading Post-Irma Chickee Hopping in the Everglades

Day 1 – Everglades National Park Winter Camping trip

You’ll learn a lot along the way when you begin taking unguided trips into the backcountry. We began our winter Everglades National Park camping trips with my 20′ Old Town canoe outfitted with retractable outriggers, powered by the paddle and a 2½ hp. outboard. It is extremely stable, safe and carries all the gear needed … Continue reading Day 1 – Everglades National Park Winter Camping trip

Day 2 – Exploring new ground

Our plans were to explore some new water that fellow campers of last season had pointed out on the chart then revisit an out of the way bay where we had found a good number of redfish last year. We love to catch anything the sea has to offer but snook hunting is high on … Continue reading Day 2 – Exploring new ground

Day 3 – Finding 10-90 water

We had in mind to fish the mouth of Lostman’s River, one of three major tidal rivers that feed seawater and fish to the Everglades backcountry. This is why we brought the flats boats. We could comfortably make the run to the outside and back in a timely fashion. The map would easily get us … Continue reading Day 3 – Finding 10-90 water

Day 4 – Never feel defeated

Yesterday Randy had begun to zero in on the snook and was happy to report a spot we had pointed out to him ended up being his most productive, holding the biggest fish of the day. He returned the favor with a couple tricks he had up his sleeve and talk of tomorrows fishing was … Continue reading Day 4 – Never feel defeated

Day 5 – Exploring more ground

Moving day again. Only one night’s stay is allowed at any chickee. There are a number of through canoe and kayak travelers who all need a new campsite every night. The chickee platforms serve the purpose well. We were back at on the original campsite in no time and ready for the day. Our last … Continue reading Day 5 – Exploring more ground

Everglades National Park Camping Trip – Day 1

Grand plans; January 15 Preparations for a canoe trip deep into the backcountry takes a lot of research and planning. We have done this a hundred times, in many different places, so what to bring for clothes, camping gear, and food is easy. The lists are a click away. It’s the fish that cause the … Continue reading Everglades National Park Camping Trip – Day 1

Day 2

We were introduced to our neighbors over happy hour last evening. They were the best of friends and have been camping and fishing in Everglades National Park for 35 years. They started camping in the Everglades long before it was ever considered as a park and when there were still cabins scattered around the backcountry. … Continue reading Day 2

Day 3

Moving day for us. We’re heading another 10 miles south to a chickee platform at Roger’s River Bay. Our plan is to fish our way well off the main trail through a maze of back tidal creeks. But first we have to pack. Bill and Joe decided it best to hang around for an extra … Continue reading Day 3

Day 4

We’ll be heading north to the Sweetwater Bay chickee. We are over 40 miles in and need to cut the distance to Chokoloskee so we’ll have the entire last day to fish our way out. We planned our route over breakfast, deciding to again take the back, back way avoiding a predicted headwind and exploring … Continue reading Day 4

Day 5

We are both early risers. Watching the light come and a day begin never gets old. Our neighbor lady was already up, nourished, canoe loaded, and ready to shove off at first light. The weather radio predicted 10-15 mph eastern winds today. She had a good distance to cover and thought it wise to put … Continue reading Day 5

Stuff you never expect!!

December 10 There is nothing like seeing stuff in the wild for the first time. Most of the time you are expecting to see new sights. That’s why your there. That’s why it’s called an adventure. But in every adventure into the wild there also comes surprises. Bonus stuff you never expected. New lessons to … Continue reading Stuff you never expect!!

Maine Guide Fly Shop does Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park canoe trip Jan. 24-27, 2011 Steve Cole and I did a 4 day canoe trip into the backcountry of remote Waterwater Bay in Everglades National Park. We had a wonderful time. We both agreed we would do it again tomorrow. Below is the account of our trip. I hope you find my … Continue reading Maine Guide Fly Shop does Everglades National Park

A Different World

As everyone probably already knows Penny and I are wintering at our southern fishing camp on the southern Gulf side of Florida, Naples to be exact. I now have my Captain’s license, a flats boat, my 20’ Old Town canoe, and am guiding backcountry fishing trips in the Rockery Bay Reserve, Ten Thousand Islands, and … Continue reading A Different World

Where do we begin?

Fishing tidal water is not rocket science and many principles that apply to moving water (river fishing) also apply to the comings and goings of the sea. On the Gulf Coast of Florida the real complexity involves the tides and the effect the wind and the moon phases have on them. There are no 10 … Continue reading Where do we begin?

Fishing the Flats

Now that we have done our homework and logged enough “Time on the Water” learning why the tide and the wind effects how water moves, where and when, we can begin making intelligent decisions which way to go once the boat slides off the E-Z Loader. To effectively sight fish the flats they need to … Continue reading Fishing the Flats