Moosehead Lake Region


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The Moosehead Lake Region offers some of the finest fishing opportunities for wild eastern brook trout, lake trout, blue back trout, landlocked salmon and smallmouth bass anywhere in the northeast. The Moosehead fisheries management area is over 4000 square miles, with more than 600 lakes and ponds, 30 plus miles of mainstream rivers and over 3000 miles of tributaries.

Within the Moosehead Lake Region are the headwaters of the Penobscot, Kennebec, St. John, Moose, Roach and Allagash Rivers .

Moosehead Lake , the center piece of our region is 75,000 acres , nearly forty miles long and twelve miles wide with breath taking scenery of undeveloped shoreline and mountains . Mount Kineo rises over 300 feet straight above the surface of the lake. There are endless opportunities for every big lake fishermen. Moosehead Lake is famous for its landlocked salmon, brook trout, and lake trout fishery. Smallmouth bass in the Lily Bay and Spencer Bay areas provide good shallow water fishing for the whole family throughout the summer months. Ice shanties dot the lake in the winter in pursuit of the thriving lake trout fishery. Many other lakes in the immediate area with easy access from state maintained public launches provide avid anglers lots of choices. Our small pond, eastern brook trout fishery attracts anglers from far and wide. There are forty ponds within a one hour’s drive of downtown Greenville. Many are road side with easy canoe or kayak access or you may choose to hike into the many back country ponds where your only visitor may be one of the many moose and deer that call this region home.

Fifteen minutes from Greenville on the west side of Moosehead Lake you’ll find the East Outlet of the Kennebec River, a beautiful three mile fly fishing only river famous for its landlocked salmon and brook trout fishery. Another ten miles up Rt 6/15 puts you on the West Outlet of the Kennebec and its wonderful smallmouth angling. Ten more minutes and you’re on the Moose River, in the quaint lakeside village of Rockwood, a tail water fishery that holds landlocked salmon and brookies all season. Twenty miles up the eastern side of Moosehead finds you in the tiny town of Kokadjo (population not many) and the headwaters of the Roach River another fly fishing only, catch and release river winding six miles through remote undeveloped land emptying into Spencer Bay on Moosehead Lake. Fly fishermen from all walks of life make annual trips to Kokadjo for the fall spawning run of landlocked salmon and big brook trout.

If smallmouth bass angling has great appeal, you’ll find many very productive spots easily accessible to those willing to step off the beaten path. Our cooler climate keeps smallmouth in the shallows longer so explosive surface action lasts well into the summer.

We invite you to spend some of your precious fishing time in the remote Moosehead Lake Region. We will gladly help you in any way we can so you can make lasting memories that may just bring you back again and again. Our Guide Service offers a number of guided fishing trips for the beginner as well as the seasoned angler.

Robert Hamer Photo