Photos – Maine

We spend a lot of time in the backcountry of the Moosehead Lake Region and you never know what you are going to find around every corner on a back road or bend in the river. So our cameras are always at arms length. Below you’ll find photos of fish we fool,
wildlife we e
ncounter, and all those smiling faces
of our wonderful customers 
loving every last minute of it.

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September Beauties in The Moosehead Region

Summertime in the Moosehead Lake Region

14th Annual Healing Waters Outing 2019

Bass week in the Moosehead Lake Region
Beautiful scenery,  bulls-eye casting and high flying action with long time friends. Not to mention some good old
back slappin’ fun.

A good start to the 2019 fishing season.
Lots of smiling faces.

Late season action on the East Outlet.
When we catch some of the best fish
of the season

September Fox Hole Trips

In The heat of summer

13th Annual Project Healing Waters Outing

Prime time in the Moosehead Region

 Starting the 2018 season off with a bang

October on the East Outlet of the Kennebec.
When we find some of the biggest fish of the season

A Celebration in a very special place
50 Years of going to the Fox Hole
Bucky Owens hasn’t missed a season

When we go camping

 When the first run of salmon show-up in the fall.
The stars of the show.

  Summertime fishing – The hits keep on coming

       Project Healing Waters Outing July 19-21

     The bugs just keep on hatching during July

          June is the start of our hatch season

    Early season in the Moosehead Lake Region

Smiling faces of our very happy customers
fishing at some very beautiful places and
loving the sights nature has to offer.